BALI ADVENTURE – DAY 4: Legian and Semynak

BALI ADVENTURE – DAY 4: Legian and Semynak

Had breakfast at the hotel today as a bit fed up of rice! Our Hotel is Pearl Hotel & Spa (a lot of hotels claim to be spas, but ours does have a yoga area and a cute hut for Massages etc.)

I had mixed fruit juice and crepes with some tea and toast, much much better!

We decided not to surf as I burnt my back a bit yesterday coz I forgot the suntan lotion!!! It all washed off after the surf. Plus we were both exhausted after the skate too.

Granola & Fruit breakfast
Pearl Hotel & Spa

So we decided to explore more of Legian and Semynak, but first we headed to a little shop where Crash had bought a nice bag the other day so I could get one too.. Then as we left we walked past a shop which makes leather jackets to fit… So whoops I ordered one! I got to pick the style and colour of the leather, then I was measured up for the perfect fit! I will have to return next week to get it! Im very excited as I’ve been looking for a leather jacket that fits me for ages, it’s difficult with a larger chest and thick arms!

It works out at about £150 which is amazing for a fitted jacket!

We then went for an epic wander around Semynak, which is what I call hipsterville because of all the westerner style boo toques and boutique type coffee shops and restaurants. We decided to head back to the beach but were blocked in doing so by a wall of big expensive hotels. So we got routed around loads of little streets trying to get to the beach. We finally made it and It was lovely to get back to the sea breeze!

Kuta Temple statue
Kuta Temple statue
Kuta Temple statue
Rice puff
Kuta market
Cockerel in a cage
Kuta Temple flowers
Turquiose Bird
Petrol for sale
Kuta market
Kuta Temple
Tiger Statue
Surfboard sign
Hindu offering

Finally, we found our little soup stand and ordered a soup bowl and a bottle of coke… Bliss! We sat watching the people of Double Six beach doing their thing… A man selling candy floss in bags, a guy selling peanuts in their stalks, another selling bags of different crackers and bags of quails eggs! The people sat around us were mostly Indonesian, so I guess most of the westerners eat at the bars and restaurants and miss out on the local fare which is shame because its yummy and very cheap!

Kuta beach
Kuta Beach
Soup bowl

After taking in the local life we headed back to the hotel for a swim in the pool. The pool is pretty much completely shaded and the sun was going down anyway, so it was a relief to finally cool off. We paddled around a bit watching the birds and then the bats flying above us.

Later we went out for some food at a little place called ‘Sacred Ground’ (I think because they specialise in coffee). Crash informs me that the local ‘Bali Coffee’ is thick and sweet. There always seems to be a globule of coffee at the bottom of the cup at the end!

My drink today however was 'Black Lemonade’ which has activated charcoal, pineapple, lime and pear in it! Apparently the charcoal is supposed to cleanse you.

I had a bun filled with pork belly and bacon with coleslaw and Crash had some Cassava chips and garlic pizza… Followed by ice cream for me and choc truffles for her! (See the pic above!)

This was our last chance to eat a westerner style meal ft a bit as tomorrow we’re off up north to experience a bit of the real Bali… Can’t wait!

Garlic bread pizza
Pork belly and bacon with coleslaw
Black Lemonade

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