BALI ADVENTURE – DAY 6: Surfing in Medwei

BALI ADVENTURE – DAY 6: Surfing in Medwei

Up at 7.30 to get into the surf, the whole house went down, the boys up the back me in the middle n Crash down the front. Got a few waves but it started to get difficult to get back out for more waves so After a couple of hours me n Crash headed back for breakfast. I ordered the unusual choice of Jaffle with Banana and cheese 25k (£1.30ish) which is basically a toastie. Definitely an interesting combo!

The boys came back n ordered breakfast while we chilled out on the balcony. Not much else to do! Then Matt had to leave so we all said goodbye n that we may meet again at some point on our travels round the island. Then the two boys ordered a second breakfast! Ha ha ha, typical fellas!

Dikaloha House
Keep Smile & Rock n Roll
Surfboards outside Dikaloha
The boys hanging out in the kitchen
Chilling in the hammock

After our breakfast had gone down we went out for another surf, but this time went further up the beach were it was more sheltered, Mike drove one of the boards up for us on the scooter and we carried the other board between us.

Wandering past the paddy fields, grazing cows, little chickens and men making boats. Then Mike told us where to go out n we walked across a little river to a small beach at the end which is the main section of Medwei. A few surfers were out the back near the tip where the land juts out. But we were worried about the rocks n stayed close to the river. As the waves were much calmer me n Crash both were able to paddle out further n just chill for a while, chatting n waiting for waves. Our view was spectacular, the black sand beach with palm trees sheltering a row of banana shaped boats and in the distance mountains. So idyllic.

After a while we decided to head back to the beach and as we did Crash caught a wave and rode (standing) the whole way in! We were so excited as she’s a beginner. So we decided to go back out for some more! The waves were perfect, the only downfall was the beach had lots of smooth pebbles on it and made getting out tricky. At one point we were sat chatting when I noticed a great wave n said ‘THIS ONE!’ We both hopped up on our boards and rode in together, I even turned and reached out for a high five! Ha ha ha, it was one of those moments you can’t believe just happened, we were buzzing after that!

We stayed for a long time, watching local life go by, like the kid playing on the beach butt naked and getting black sand all over himself n running into the sea to wash off. Crash met a lady from Hawaii who is 60 and just learning to surf (not sure why she didn’t learn in Hawaii!) Anyway, after about 3 hrs we got really hungry. So back to the house for eats.

Because Crash is so small she has to carry her massive board on her head! So half way along the road I did the same as I wanted to shade my face from the sun. I only wish there was a photo of that, two girls walking through paddy fields with surfboards on their heads!

It’s also pretty cool that the locals are super friendly. While we were walking back we wandered past a group of ladies with babies and they got the babies to wave at us, pretty much everyone says hello or nods their head, such a nice community.

Food today was just noodles from a packet and a great view, whist being serenaded by Ricky on the guitar (one of the young lads of the family who own the house).

The guys turned up after having gone for food n the whole house sat about chatting. Even little Cedar was singing along to the music. We played a game of 'take 5’ with Guy n Emma. It’s basically a take on scrabble… I did not win.

Strawberry drink

I sat in the hammock for a while reading, then I had the urge to get back in the surf, so headed down on my own, but In front of the house so that the boys could keep an eye on me. I went out n caught a few, then Crash come n took some pix of me with my new long camera lens (thanks for the photos below Crash!). Just as I had got out Mike came down n asked if I’d like some tips… Yes please!! So he swam into the surf with me, showing me which waves were the best, where to position myself better on the board to catch more waves etc. It was so great to here someone help me out! Then Ash came in too and they took it in turns giving me help. They were also goofing around in the waves, I learnt a lot from them, it was so nice of them to take the time too! Crash was still on the beach taking pix and it was perfect as the sun was going down too.

Me surfing
Can't win em all!
Me surfing
Sunset on the beach
Me surfing
Carrying my board
Ash surfing
Sunset on the beach
Me surfing
Me and Mike
Ash doing a handstand
The lads larking about

We decided to stay at the house n cook, so Mike drove me to the local shop to buy supplies. It was dark by now and as we got to the scooter a black n white snake slithered out in front of us! We both stopped dead in our tracks and watched it slither under the scooter n out the other side. Theres not much choice, we had bread, noodles and eggs! But after all the surfing ive done today I pretty much inhaled the lot!

We sat chatting n laughing until all but me n Crash were left up. So yet again I’m lying in the hammock looking up at the clear sky full of stars n listening to the crickets and waves.

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