BALI ADVENTURE – DAY 7: Surfing Medwei

BALI ADVENTURE – DAY 7: Surfing Medwei

25th August 2016:

Up at half 7 to check out the waves. The lads recon that the waves out front are breaking too close to the beach and it’s not quite right up at the point, so we made some breakfast instead n chilled out watching the waves.

Then everyone left to go on their travels, so we got a ‘family’ photograph and said our goodbyes. It was quite sad as in a few days we made some good friends, we were really fortunate to have shared our time with them.

Dikaloha family photo
Baby Cedar
All you need is love and the ocean

Me n Crash chilled for a while longer and then our new housemates arrived. Two Spanish brothers, a couple and two ladies. We welcomed them in then decided to try the beach a little bit further along. We managed a few waves, but it was still pretty rough, so we sat under a palm tree for shade n watched the ocean, the handful of people and cows playing on the beach.

Medwei village
Fishermen on Medwei beach
Local woman on Medwei beach
Fishermen on Medwei beach

After an hour we decided the waves weren’t gonna get any better, so went n made some noodles at the house. I then lay in the hammock and have a lush snooze. It’s so relaxing with the cool breeze and sound of waves. Not so relaxing is the bird constantly chirping above my head, but it’s hardly a deal breaker.

When it was time for another surf the man from the couple asked to come with us. He’s a German called Vali. So we strapped a couple of boards to the bike and Abdul drove them down to the point, then drove back n I drove me & Vali with his board to beach n then picked up Crash!

I managed to get lots of waves here, I practiced all the things that the boys had taught me including getting lower and basically standing more like a proper surfer. Turning the board and actually controlling the board!

Medwei beach
Walking along Medwei beach
Surfer in Medwei
Fishermen on Medwei beach
Watching the fishermen

After a while it started to get big and I could feel the pull, so we got out n headed back to the house. Our new house guests are keeping themselves to themselves and all went out for lunch on their own. So we sat chatting to Abdul & Ricky. Ricky asked if he could drive us to Chengu, we said yes because we know he’s saving for his education, so we got Abdul to ring our taxi driver and cancel it. He also offered us a much cheaper price and we know the company will be fun!

We sat around chatting and laughing and then I ordered a massage because of my achy muscles. Abdul called one of his relatives and when The lady came and she was lovely, plus an amazing masseuse! For £6 I got an hour full body massage, she even pulled my fingers and toes and pummelled the knots to death!

After, I had a chill in the hammock before me n Crash went out for dinner at the hotel up the road. We had tried to get the special lobster dish that Dikaloha is famous for but the fishermen weren’t able to catch any today.

After dinner we stood in the pitch black and looked up at the stars. The Milky Way so clearly viable, I wish I had a telescope to see it closer!

We got back about 10 and everyone had gone to bed so we sat out reading and listening to the crickets and waves again… Ahhh the life!

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