CHRISTMAS IN LA 2014 – DAY 5: Lacma art gallery

CHRISTMAS IN LA 2014 – DAY 5: Lacma art gallery

As it was raining like the UK, we decided to do indoor stuff and headed to Lacma art gallery. Had a great day there exploring, we started out at the Contemporary section.

Then checked out the Modern art where I was in my element seeing many works of art that I had studied while at art college.

Andy Warhol
Roy Litchenstein ‘Cold Shoulder’
Alberto Giacometti
Modern Art

We then checked out the Latin American art and the Art of the Pacific

Art of the Pacific
Art of the Pacific

After all that walking, we were in need of food fuel, so we went to a place that a roller girl told me I just HAD to go to… In and Out Burger! I had a double beef burger and 'animal fries’ which is pretty much chilli cheese fries.

We then headed to Karis’ friend Karissa’s house to watch her on a reality make over show. There was a lot of laughter and screams as they transformed her from alternative pink haired girl into 'normal girl’… she sat there rewinding bits which made her laugh, sitting there with her purple hair 'I died it green two weeks after this shoot’ she said! While watching it we were welcomed in by a little dog called Cornelia, sooo cute! She took a shine to me & Karis for sure! Here she is watching her show...

In & Out burger & fries
Karissa on TV
Karis with Cornelia

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