I made it to ten years of playing Roller Derby!

I made it to ten years of playing Roller Derby!


16th March 2008 - 2009

Ten years ago I was a skateboarding punk rocker in London. Another punk skater called Taymar (skate name HulaGunn) and a Rockabilly gal called Dolly were both telling me that I should try this new sport called Roller Derby which was on roller skates. After a few months I was convinced to go along with Dolly to a sports hall in Camden to try this sport out with a team called London Rockin' Rollers. I loved it straight away! It helped that before skateboarding I used to skate parks on blades, but quads were quite a bit different!

Team Blue - CCR
My first public game

At this time I had just moved out of London to Leicester and so the girls told me that the best league closest to me would be Central City Roller Girls (CCR) in Birmingham, they had not long been formed themselves. I went along and was welcomed by a lovely group of ladies and some guys who refereed and coached. I skated there for a while before loosing my job and having to take a hiatus of a few months, but when I returned I was determined to get on the team!

I managed to make it onto the intra-league team and played on team blue with HustleHer, Madame Flutterby, Tragic Wrath and Viv La France to name a few, that was my first public bout! I also attended my first bootcamp called Grange Hell, where I was coached by Bonnie D.Stroir & EstroJen!

As time went on, I was travelling to Brum 3 times a week, which was costing me a fair amount of cash... that on top of driving there straight from work and getting home after 10pm made it pretty tiring. So Twisted Mr suggested I start a league in Leicester.

Tragic Wrath & Viv La France at Norther Exposure 19th Sept 2009
Me Djing at the Grange Hell after party. Oct 2009
EstroJen at the Grange Hell after party
Hilarious photo of me at the beginning!

The Start of the Dolly Rockit Rollers

In late 2009 I put up a post on Facebook to gague interest and was suprised by the response! Leicester has a good history of roller skating with a venue called Granby Halls which was a very popular haunt for local skaters. But it had been knocked down to make way for... yep, a car park!

One girl who messaged me was Nitro Noush, she was also travelling from Leicester, but to Bedford to skate. So we met up and decided to set up the league together.

We decided to hold a meet up at the Firebug Bar to introduce ourselves and this thing called Roller Derby to the local girls who were interested, it went really well even if the only roller derby they saw was shoe derby!

I will continue my History of Roller derby in tomorrows post!

First Dolly Rockit Rollers meet up

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