My 10yr History of Roller Derby: 2011 – Part 3

My 10yr History of Roller Derby: 2011 – Part 3

Beats International

On Nov 5th we held another home game, this time called Beats International, with a bit less theming going on! We had a re-match against Granite City and had a joint skate out with them and a crazy dance off mid-game when a skater got injured and we had to wait for the ambulance. Instead of just standing around we had each team stand opposite each other in front of the crowd and try and out-do each other with dance! It's probably my favourite ab-lib roller derby moment ever!

Have a watch of it here >

There was also another epic after party, with people trying to win the chest bump comp against Koko, a live band and Rogue & Onya putting clothes on!?! (instead of stripping apparently) on and of course the obligatory human pyramid!

Photos by Paul Needham.

Joint skate out
BMX conga!
Team on the bench
Rogue body popping on skates
Me & Holly doing Thriller
Me blocking
Blood doing dancing
Rock the boat!
Crash jamming in the opener
Both teams!
Rogue & Onya put clothes ON!
Chest bumping
Crash vs Koko
Blood gets best blocker


Rollerburn was epic! It was run by Sideburn magazine and was a mash up of motorbikes, live music and ROLLER DERBY! We got to skate ramps, watch bands and play against the Lincolnshire Bomber Roller Girls! We even had a celeb or two there, with Guy Martin and some of the Arctic Monkeys watching us!

The game was ringed off by some metal barriers and I remember being flung into them and just dusting myself off and carrying on! It was a mega-tense game too, but we managed a win... BY ONE POINT!!!

Oh and I shouldn't forget to mention that... Freya forgot her skates!!! ha ha ha and had to skate in someone elses full kit!

Have a look at the photos below for a row of us kneeling on the line, this was a tactic that was used to momentarily cause a no pack!

Photos by Paul Needham & China Blade

Rollerburn poster
Me on the pivot line
Rogue Jamming
Me & Rogue racing down the ramp by China Blade
Bench talk by China Blade
The score!
The Rollerburn ramp by China Blade
Noush jamming
When we realised we had won!
Both teams
Who remembers taking a knee? By China Blade

Another Intra-league:

This time we got a bit more organised and gave our Intra-league teams names... Angry Belvoirs & The Foxton Blocks (Belvoirs is pronounced Beavers for those outside of Leicester... and the Foxton Locks are famous local canal locks).

I was on team Angry Belvoirs, but was benching as was injured again! These were really good games because it mixed all levels in together and gave people a chance to skate a full game if they hadn't had the chance to already.

Photos Paul Needham

When we had FIVE refs!
Angry Belvoirs & Foxton Blocks!

The Roller Derby World Cup 2011

We were super proud to have two players in the Roller Derby World Cup, Holly Sheet playing for Team Ireland and Rogue Runner for Team England! So we hired a room at The Firebug Bar and watched it on the big screen!

Whilst most of the time we were cheering for our countries, we also spent a lot of the time cheering Rogue pulling her pants out of her bum before a jam! 😀

Watching the World Cup
Taking a knee at the World Cup!
Sort those shorts out Rogue!

Playing Rainy City Tender Hooligans

On 17th Dec we headed up to Manchester to play Rainy City B-team. CatFace couldn't come because she was pregnant, so someone sourced us some cat face masks for her! It was a great game, really close and we won it 106 - 94! The game was at the Thunderdome, a venue that Rainy City had set up, it was the first of it's sort in the UK and we were very jealous of them having their own venue!

Photos by Paul Needham

Not sure what Noush was doing here!
Truckin Elle jamming
With out Cat Faces on!
All the crew!

Calendar Shoot

Finally we had our calendar shoot for the year, this time less overtly sexy and more geeky!

Photos by Trashin' Bones


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