My 10yr History of Roller Derby – 2012 part 1

My 10yr History of Roller Derby – 2012 part 1

Tattoo Freeze 2012

In 2011, me Rogue Runner, TechNo Bullsh*t & Onya Case went to watch the Tattoo Freeze event. It's an event that combines a tattoo convention and roller derby! We loved it and said to each other that we wanted to someday be able to play it. Well, one year on we did!

We had been accepted into the UKRDA (UK Roller Derby Association) and we had been selected from their teams to play against Auld Reekie Roller Girls! We were never gonna win this game as they were much higher ranked than us, but we were determined to give it our best shot! In the end we managed a very respectable 60 points to their 100!

It was a great day out, we had a coach load of us with the travel team & the rest of the league plus some fans, we made quite an impact to the audience!

Other teams playing that day were the Birmingham Blitz Dames, Central City Roller Girls, London Rockin Rollers, Lincolnshire Bombers and Glasgow Roller Derby.

Photos by Paul Needham.

The Dollies lined-up
Gob Stop'Her jamming
The crowd
The Team Photo
HusleHer from my old team CCR
Me Blocking
Jack Attack from London Rockin Rollers
Our fans!

Tits & Tashes party:

So remember I said the after parties were the best in those days? Well, we basically didn't need to even have a game to have a great party either! Truckin' Elle and Dirty Harris were leaving the league, so we gave them one heck of a send off at a local bar.

Photos by Paul Needham

Party gals
Lil Crash
Me & Total FreyHem
Kaz, Cyanide, Hex & Tazbo
Gob StopHer, Freyhem & Afronaut
Nitro Noush & King Typical
Rogue Runner
Truckin Ell behind the bar

Bout to the Future

This was a mixed team tournament held by the Mean Valley Roller Girls. It was great fun, I was on Team Gremlin with my mate El Visious and teamie Tazbo Order. There were loads of roller derby friends there, which is always the best thing about mixed team games, you get to play with people that you are usually up against... and also without the pressure of the win (but of course you still play to win!).

Photos by Paul Needham

Team Gremlins
Hexecutioner & Tazbo Order
Team Ghostbusters
Me & El Visious
Nitro Noush jamming
Team Gremlins
El Vicious Jamming
Me & Nitro Noush
Team Goonies

Playing London Brawling... yes really!

Our Rouge was getting noticed for being pretty good at the jamming lark and London Roller Girls were very interested in her... so they invited us down to play them... our little team from Leicester against the best team in the country! Eeeek!

It was tough, but we still played our hearts out, we scored 12 points to their score somewhere over 500! ha ha ha, but we still scored!

Anyway, it was a great experience for us whatever the score!

Photo by Afronaut

With London Brawling

Jammer Throw - Feb 2012

This was an away game against London Rocking Rollers Rising Stars. We managed a win of 165 - 132. This was the first game my mum & dad came to watch, I could hear my mum shouting for me over the crowd! ha ha ha.

Mum & Dad to the left of Squeek as a hotdog!
Me Blocking
Me Jamming (Probably a star pass)
DRR with London Rockin Rollers
Me & Gob StopHer
Nitro Noush jamming
Freya & Rogue blocking

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