My 10yr History of Roller Derby – 2012 part 2

My 10yr History of Roller Derby – 2012 part 2

25th Feb 2012: Hit Her With Glitter

We held another home game, this time against Sheffield Steel Roller Girls who beat us 196 to 134.

The opener game was our B-team (The Raggy Dollz) against their B-team (Crucibelles) and we won 165 - 101!

Glitter if you hadn't realised is a big part of the Dolly Rockit Rollers. All of our team logos have been glittery in some way or another, we started out with Diamante logos, as you can see in the pix below, before moving on to glitter vinyl.

Lil Crash Jamming for Raggy Dollz
Speedy Sedgwick jamming for Raggy Dollz
Lil Crash aka Crash Bandicute
The Raggy Dollz and the Crucibelles
The Raggy Dollz and the Crucibelles
Me blocking
Rogue Jamming
The Dolly Rockit Rollers Travel Team
Gob StopHer on the jam line

Another typical after party ensued with silly antics and the usual pyramid with Rogue on top. Unfortunately, this one ended with us being barred from this particular venue... whoops!

Photos by Paul Needham

Sadie in her Raggy Dolls Tee & Red
Afronaut break dancing
Gob & Crash
Me & Violet Disorder
Rogue & Freya antics
The Pyramid

25th March 2012: Co-Eduskation

Some of us drove down to our friends in Bedford at Rebellion Roller Derby to take place in a mixed co-ed team game, half of us on Team Black and half on Team White (me & Noush were actually on the same team for once!).

Photos by Mohawk Visuals

Team White
Team Black
Me & Phoenix in Flames in the box

1st April 2012: Closed door against LRG Brawl Saints

Brawl Saints are London Roller Girls B-team, so still a really highly ranked team. We managed 95 to their 207.

Photos by Mohawk Visuals

Still taking a knee!
The score
King Typical our Line-up manager
Rogue picking up Lil Crash!

21st April 2012: Blocky Horror

Our opener game was a mens mixed team game, the first that we have ever held. With players such as Ballistic Whistle, Sutton Impact & Lil Joker to name a few.

This was another home game with yet another epic half time entertainment... in the form of A Rocky Horror performance! Click here to see a video of it (taken by one of our fans Graham Whatley).

We played Liverpool Roller Birds and won 308 to 124. It was Total FreyHems' last game with us as she was moving down to London to join LRG, hence the pic of us kissing her below!

Also check out my frilly shorts!

B&W Photos by Bones

King Typical getting new head wear
Me & Hex blocking
Blocky Horror half time
Red, Major Mickey Taker & Sweetabix
Waiting to go on
Both teams
Kissing Freya goodbye
The boys awards time
Half time dancing
Total FreyHems' last game with us

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