My 10yr History of Roller Derby – 2012 Part 3

My 10yr History of Roller Derby – 2012 Part 3

On 28th April 2012: Anarchy: Euro Crash

Rogue Runner was playing on the Euro All-Stars team against London Brawling, so we went down to cheer her on! Also playing were Brawl Saints vs Leeds Roller Derby.

Brawl Saints Vs Leeds
Rogue & Andracula
Rogue Jamming
Sadie makes a worrying claim!
Yup, still climbing pyramids

5th May 2012: Cinco De Mayhem

This one begins with a trip down south to play Big Bucks High Rollers in Windsor, another coach journey with the obligatory 'Bus Bingo' enroute! A mexican theme meaning sombreros & tequilla (well not til after anyway)! I managed to secure myself one of their hand painted sugar skull pictures too 🙂

Photos by Mohawk Visuals (except the square ones).

Not sure what happened here!
Minors & Majors!
Bus Bingo
Lil' Crash jamming
Mexican Rogue Runner
Bus Bingo
Team Talk
Me jamming
Drunken ramblings of Noush & Onya
Both Teams

26th May 2012: A Right Royal Rumble

This trip was to the seaside to play Brighton Rockers Roller Derby. We all stopped over and made it a bit of a mini team holiday, me, Speedy Sedgewick & Killmore Girls stayed at Mutha Truckers place, which was a bit of an art commune and we slept in an old truck!

The game was really tough and I remember jamming, getting out of the pack and then being chased down and walloped into the crowd! There was a big crowd and some of our friends from different leagues were there to cheer us on. We lost this game 69 to their 224.

The after party was another crazy affair, the Rockers were equally as bad as us when it came to antics... in fact they had their own spin on things, including a lucky dip of knickers and a tug of war too!

Game photos by Leonie DuBarry-Gurr & Rebecca Cornford

Our accommodation truck!
Rogue jamming
Rude Dog and the Deebs!
The sleeping quarters
Crash jamming
Team photo
Me & Crash blocking
Slay Nicely our referee

9th June 2012: Fight to the Finnish

Our first home mini-international tournament, featuring Helsinki Roller Derby, Lincolnshire Bombers & the Dollies.

To start off though, we had a mens mixed team game with players from all over the country.

We lost our game against Helsinki 71 to 99, still pretty close, but it mean't we didn't get to play the full length game in the final, that went to the Bombers. Helsinki won that game too and they only had about 8 players!

At this game I met my friend Tigre Force who wanted to go to Download festival the next day, so we went! A few years later she invited me to Rolling Sturgis... that's a whole other blog story... >

Of course as the Helsinki girls were staying over, we held one of our crazy after parties at The Firebug Bar.

B&W photos by Trashin' Bones


When we filled sport halls!
Bench talk
Team talk
Helsinki singing at the after party
The boys in pink
Warm up
Lil' Crash
Me & Tigre Force at Download!
The boys in black
Me & Crash blocking
After Party antics

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