My 10yr History of Roller Derby: 2012 – Part 4

My 10yr History of Roller Derby: 2012 – Part 4

23rd June 2012: Played Brawl Saints

We continued our loosing streak by playing LRG Brawl Saints away and scored 88 to their 285. We also got to play against former Dolly Total FreyHem who had not long defected to London!

This was the last bout that Rogue Runner played with us, so it was quite an emotional day!

Photos by Trashin' Bones

Who remembers lining up for kit checks?
A rare pic of Gabbath jamming!
Me blocking
Major Mickey Taker
Still taking a knee!
TechNo Bullsh*t & King Typical
When shiny pants were the thing
Total FreyHem skating for LRG

14th July 2012: Romsey Rollerbillies

Finally back on a win, when we went to Cambridge to play Romsey Rollerbilles, we scored 151 to 120... a very close bout! This is the game where Nitro Noush managed to get an egregious forearms expulsion... she was so perplexed by this that she actually got it tattooed on her arm!

Photos by Daz Wilson

Me blocking
TechNo informing Noush of her expulsion
Crash & Taz blocking
Lil' Crash jamming
Don't remember this tactic!

8th Sept 2012: Superjammersgoballisticblockersareferocious!

So, a Mary Poppins theme it is then!

We played Royal Windsor Roller Girls at home and lost 77 to 184. As usual we had a mixed opener with some of our up and coming skaters and skaters from around the country. Teams were Team Penguin and Team Pigeon!

I didn't play this game, not sure why, probably injury, so I took the pix instead!

Penguins being infiltrated by Killa Drumroll!
Dollies & Windsor

13th October 2012: Tiger Bay Brawlers

Back on the Dolly bus all the way to Wales to play Tiger Bay Brawlers. Since we had lost Rogue to LRG we had to field new jammers and there are a few people who jammed this game who don't normally/or like to jam... such as Gabbath Bloody Gabbath & Hexecutioner! They were up against players like Kid Block!

Tiger Bay were then a very highly ranked team and we quite predictably lost to them 496 to 30! Ouch!

Photos by Trashin Bones

Gab jamming against Kid Block
Ray Fears
Team Talk
Major Mickey Taker
Time out chatter
Hex jamming (this never happens!)

8th Dec: Hot Wheel Roller Derby

To end off the year we had a trip up to Halifax in a minibus saw us take on Hot Wheels in a re-match where we continued on our loosing streak with 296 to 71.

This was the last game that we had our bench coach TechNo Bullsh*t as he was joining Rogue Runner down in London at LRG. So we had T-shirts made up with his mug on the front and the caption "If you are running, ask yourself why?" (one of his many catchphrases!)

Slay Nicely & Anton Dec
Dance off warm up!
Me - by Scott Smith
Taz wearing a goodbye Kev T-shirt
Hot Wheel programme
Me & Noush doing Smile & Frown
Me doing Offence for Onya Case
Ray Fears, Onya Case & Speedy Sedgwick
King & TechNo celebrating fixing the minibus door!
Speedy & Ray doing Smile & Frown

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