My 10yr History of Roller Derby: 2013 part 1

My 10yr History of Roller Derby: 2013 part 1

Jan 3rd 2013: Bombers & Broken Skates!

We had a scrimmage night with our friends the Lincolnshire Bombers at the Midlands Roller Arena, an old warehouse  in the middle of nowhere, converted into a rink for roller hockey with plastic tiles as a floor.

During this session I managed to break my king pin (first time of several!) which mean't I was out of skating for the night.

Midlands Roller Arena
Lincolnshire Bombers
Phil, Sweet, Iona, Thawks & Mickey
My Broken skates!

Tattoo Freeze 2013: Sur5al Style

A year on and we're back at Tattoo Freeze, but this time around they had it set up in the style of Sur5al, which basically mean't we were only allowed to submit 5 players. I was selected along with Trashin Bones, Miele, Onya Case & Rollin Pins (Nitro Noush was selected initially, but was injured).

With five players you played several sets of games and worked your way up in a tournament style. We came 11th out of 15.

Photos with UKRDA in the corner are by Phil Seymour, except for the ones tagged In-Depth Photos

Me jamming
The scores
Me jamming against Minx
Our sur5al team
Me jamming
Us against the Blitz Dames
The Dollies
Me jamming against the Bombers

17th Feb: Smack Down

We held a home game for the first time at Midlands Roller Arena where we played Bristol Harbour Harlots where we lost 116 - 273.

Photos by Russel Stainer

Me & Noush
Waiting to start
Sweetabix jamming
Me jamming
Jammer on jammer
Skate out
Nitro Noush
Team silliness

March 2013: Belgium Road Trip!

For our first ever team trip out of the country we got a bus on the ferry over to Belgium to play two teams, the first being One Love Roller Dolls and the second Go Go Gent.

For the trip the team decided that everyone had to wear onesies as it was a night crossing on the ferry! We even picked up hitchhikers on the way to Calais, but couldn't take them across the channel! It was a crazy rough crossing and just walking up the corridors saw you being thrown across the boat, so it was quite entertaining... if slightly seasick!

King Typical - He who dares, wins!
Mickey getting the party started
Anton & Sweet in their onesies

The first game was against One Love Roller Dolls in Antwerp. They have a lovely hall with really nice bleechers and lots of fans! It was a long day though with three games!

** Photos by Ian Roofthooft

Me & Sweet supporting missing teamies
Me & Kaz blocking**
Both teams**
Skate out**
Rolling Pins**
Sweetabix jamming**
Major Mickey Taker jamming**
The score**

The next day we drove over to play Go Go Gent. These ladies were quite a bit higher ranked than us, so it was a closed door game... but we did so well that they were kind enough to allow us to submit the scores!

After the game we hung out at the bar and chatted to the skaters & ref crew, then we set off on our way back to Blighty... but had to return a while later as Miele had left her bag behind! Fail! At least we all saw the funny side of it!

On the ferry home we were all treated to an interpretive dance by Sweetabix as she attempted to copy the music video dancers which had everyone in stitches!

Team shout out
Pins fouling out
Drinks time!
Mieles' lost bag
Half time kit-check
Dollies v Go Go
Ray Fears in a Go Go Gent tee
Me jamming
The Score
The sexy ref crew!
Team shot by boats!

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