My 10yr History of Roller Derby: 2013 part 2

My 10yr History of Roller Derby: 2013 part 2

Crown Jewels vs Dark Knights

Our friends the Hellfire Harlots put on a mixed team bout as an opener for their game against Windsor and I played on team Crown Jewels. We had players on both teams so it was a nice fun game to play.

Photos by Peter Worth

Lil Crash blocking
Dark Knights
Me jamming
Me blocking
Discontinued jamming
Crown Jewels

Slice Grrls

A Spice Girls themed bout! Another game held at Midlands Roller Arena, this time against Croydon Roller Derby.

We had an epic poster for this game... and slightly scary!

All photos by Russell Stainer unless stated

Slice Grrls poster
Photo by Neil Biggs
Leeeaaad Jammmer
Me & Mickey in Leopard print!
Team cheer
Nitro Noush jamming
Esther La Vista jamming

'Brockits' Joint Road Trip to London 

We joined forces with the Crash Test Brummies to hire a bus to London where we were both playing games. The Dolly Rockit Rollers were playing the Seaside Sirens Roller Girls and the Brummies were playing Southern Discomfort.

More Brummies
King Typical & Lil Crash
Rex Tangle & Quadelia Chase
The Crash Test Brummies
Bad Daddy Yan
Ray Fears & Gabbath Bloody Gabbath

I got to play against my mate Hula Gunn again, as she had transferred to the Sirens, plus a chance to meet up with my Essex homies is always nice... yes I am originally from Essex! The sirens won on a tense game which ended up 162 - 178... very close!

It was also great to have the Brummies there cheering us on!

** Photos by Andrew Sims

++ Photos by Floyd King

^^ Photos by Rhinoa's Photography

== Photos by Daz Wilson

)( Photos by Steve Newton

Chatting in the sin bin! ++
Noush jamming ^^
Ophelia Fear jamming )(
Me & HulaGunn squaring up against each other ++
Lil' Crash jamming ^^
Me blocking my mate Force Ten Gail ^^
Dollies cheering on the bench ^^
Crash Jamming**
Me at the end ^^
Me & Crash attempting a star pass )(

Needless to say the bus journey was the after party! With bus surfing and silent kareoke!?

Pyramid! ++
Bus surfing
Bus surfing

11th May 2013: Middlesborough Milk Rollers

I was a student in Middlesborough, so was excited to return there to see how it had changed and to catch up with my college friend Petrina who I had convinced to join the Milk Rollers!

The Middlesborough Milk Rollers were a very good up-and-coming team, so it wasn't a surprise that we didn't win, but we still felt we played a good game with the score being 112 to their 326.

*" Photos by Chris Bell

{} Photos by Russell Stainer

Me Jamming *"
Lil Crash, Miele & Blood *"
When straight walls were the thing {}
Lil Crash jamming {}
Ophelia Fear jamming *"
Pre-team photo {}
With my old college friend Petrina
Dolly Rockit Rollers {}
Onya Case jamming *"
Me blocking *"
Lil Crash being chased by Ella Story {}
They made us a Dolly cake!!! {}
Bench hugs {}

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