My 10yr History of Roller Derby: 2011 part 1

My 10yr History of Roller Derby: 2011 part 1

After an amazing first year we started 2011 with a game to celebrate our first birthday.. Birthday Bash! We played Romsey Rollerbillies and went on to win in the overtime jam by 129 - 126! A bit of a nail-biter!!!

Birthday Bunting
Perfect timed photo of me hitting the jammer
Both teams
Me pivoting
Rouge, Noush, Catface & me at the afterparty


We went up to play Liverpool Roller Birds and won another game!

Me jamming
Gob Stop'er jamming
Dollies team photo

Our first Intra-league

An intra-league is where we split up all the players in the league into two teams who then play each other. I wasn't playing on this as I had torn my Medial Collateral Ligament and so I was benching for team black instead. - Photos by Paul Needham

Me Benching team black
Team Black skate out
Our two best jammers go head to head

April 2011 - Anarchy in the UK

A whole load of us set off to London to watch two days of live tournament action with the London Roller Girls, Montreal Roller Derby, Charm City Roller Girls & Steel City Derby Demons! It was a really great atmosphere, there were loads of roller girls & guys from all over the country, so was great for a catch up. While there we got to meet a roller girl from Charm City who has a name similar to ours... Dolly Rocket! She was lovely to us and was an amazing player to boot, we had a photo op with and her teamies at the end.

With Dolly Rocket (In White) and her team mates
Anarchy in the UK
Dolly Rocket playing Montreal

Sweet Home Alajammer!

Another road trip took us to Newcastle for a re-match, in those days we had enough people to hire a proper coach to take us there! Our b-team played their b-team and we won! I was the bench for that game so was very happy!

The Travel Team started out with our choreographed skate out, which in those days we made a big deal out of, see the pic!

The Travel team lost by 103 - 83, but we made up for it at the after party!!

Also, on the bus journey home we had to make a few 'loo' stops on the side of the road for the drunk lot... and also for poor ol' Catface Killer to throw up... only to find out the next day that she played that game PREGNANT! She said it was the worst coach journey EVER! Thankfully the baby was fine and is now a strapping young lad! And she and referee Rex Pistols are still together with another little bundle of joy appearing just this year 🙂

Me with our B-team
Freya trys out the half time entertainment!
Our travel team
Choreographed Skate out
After party!
Me & my new derby daughter Total FreyHem and her Derby Grandma!
Nitro Noush & Onya Case

Skeg Vegas take Two!

After last years success we're back to skate the Viva Skeg Vegas event with the Lincolnshire Bombers. Not quite as sunny this year so we weren't melting and this time we could actually play roller derby! Photos by Paul Needham

Total FreyHem jamming
Rogue Runner on the ramp
Noush Jamming
Me skateboarding
The Conga
Gab getting some rest
Gabbath Bloody Gabbath jamming
Me Jamming

There was too much happening to fit into one post, so part two of 2011 will appear shortly!

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