My 10yr History of Roller Derby: 2011 – Part 2

My 10yr History of Roller Derby: 2011 – Part 2

RollerCon 2011: Las Vegas

So after Skeg Vegas came the real Las Vegas! Me, Nitro Noush, JJ & KazTration headed out to our first RollerCon, the biggest bootcamp for roller derby in the world! We met up with some other Brits, El Visous and Ferral Fairy and together we got to go to classes coached by famous skaters and scrim with people from all over the world. We also got to party at the Black & Blue ball which was by the pool of the Rivera where it was held.

Me & Kaz even managed to fit in a visit to the Grand Canyon! And me, Noush, JJ and Kaz got drunk up Freemont street where they pour about half a glass of rum into your drink!

Me & El Visious outside the Venetian
Messing about outside a strip club
Black & Blue Ball
Kaz, Feral, El & Me dolled up for a night out
A Delorian!
Black & Blue Ball
Me at the Grand Canyon
Me & El chilling after scrimming
Playing my first Co-ed scrim

School of Block: August 2011

Back in the UK and we had another home game, playing Tiger Bay Brawlers, we lost out by only a few points with a score of 95 - 86.

But we did have the most epic programme photos thanks to Paul Needham.

School of Block programme
School of Block programme

Club Tropicarnage: Sept 2011

Another themed home game, this time tropical themed, you can see a pic of our Bench coach Techno Bullshit wearing his lovely Hawaiian shirt below! We played against Hot Wheel Roller Derby. This team were renowned for not wearing toe stops on their skates to force them to skate better on their edges. We won this game 128 - 119.

Photos by Paul Needham.

Our Bench Manager Techno Bullshit
Lined up for the skateout
Me & my derby daughter Total FreyHem
Gob Stop'er jamming
Me jamming
The All-Stars

Playing Windsor Roller Girls

Back on the road in September to play Windsor Roller Girls, we did pretty well with a win in this bout with a score of 161 - 63!

Me jamming
Team huddle
Noush & JJs Yellow truck

The Rolling Dead

Probably the best Roller Derby poster ever! We played the Birmingham Blitz Dames with both our A & B teams and both teams won! Our B-team was named the Raggy Dollz and this was their first proper bout!

We actually also got in someone to give us ghoulish make-up for this, shows how important theming was in those days!

Photos by Bones except where marked.

Zombie Rogue
Photo by Bones
Zombie Team - By Roisin Taylor
By Simon White
My gory make-up

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