NY IN LA 2015 – DAY 11: Venice Beach Skatepark!

NY IN LA 2015 – DAY 11: Venice Beach Skatepark!

5th Jan 2015: Actually skated Venice Beach skate park!!!

Went back to Venice Beach today and decided I WAS gonna get in that skate park! So to start with we took a little cruise along the sea front on our boards (and falling off coz I wasn’t looking where I was going). 

Once at the park I got straight in there because if I had thought about it too much I wouldn’t have… it’s pretty intimidating as there are so many amazing skaters here and there are also a lot of spectators, but I guess I put my ‘Derby’ glasses on and ignored them and just got stuck into it!

Was surprised at how much I was able to do, even tried some new stuff and even ventured into the big wave run!

Skateboarding at Venice Beach
Skateboarding at Venice Beach
Skateboarding Venice Beach Skatepark
Knee scrape

Today the temp was more like 25 degrees, so we went & got ourselves some ice cream to cool off!

We then hit the beach and had a paddle, such a lovely day!

The sun goes down really quickly here, so we did a quick change in the car and headed out to this cool little beach side cafe that sells locally sourced healthy food (finally!)

We were then joined by Karis’ Mate Tommy and two of his skater friends, typical surfer / skater boys, really chilled and friendly, hung out with them for a bit and then chilled out at Tommy’s place before heading home to see the dogs 🙂

Ice cream!!
Venice Beach selfie
Venice Beach
Locally sourced burger & fries
Skateboards in the sand
Beach huts on Venice Beach
Venice Beach
Seaguls at sunset

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