USA ROLLER DERBY ROAD TRIP – DAY 12: Goodbye Rolling Sturgis

USA ROLLER DERBY ROAD TRIP – DAY 12: Goodbye Rolling Sturgis

11th August 2013: Day 12

Danger Girl and her daughter
Danger Girl and her daughter

Pack up day at Rolling Sturgis. Sun shining, bikes leaving, clean up happening. What an amazing event! Well done to Danger Girl and all the crew that put this on, we’ve had a ball!

As pack up went along we found more & more food, so had a breakfast BBQ in the sunshine. I was then raced around the track by Dash, Danger Girls little boy, on his scooter… “You know I’m gonna win right?” he said as we set off.

Tigre then packed me, Gab and Cookie into a sports car amd drove us to Danger Girls house to relax in their hot tub over looking a forest in the hills… Bliss! My skin is now happy again, no more dust or mud… I can now tell that I have bruises, before I wasn’t sure if they were just dirty marks! Ha ha

Ashley, Danger Girl’s eldest daughter then picked us up and drove us to Denver. A 6 hour drive along the most sparce countryside. We went past about 3 towns! There was a sign in one that said ‘no more gas for 65miles’!

We arrived in Denver about 10.30pm, saw the skyline lit up with all the sky scrapers, such a massive contrast when all you have seen for 6 hrs is fields, cows and highways!

Can’t wait to check out the city tomorrow 🙂

No Pants... everyday
An empty track
The last skaters standing
Goodbye Buffalo Chip

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