USA ROLLER DERBY ROAD TRIP – DAY 14: Denver skate park

USA ROLLER DERBY ROAD TRIP – DAY 14: Denver skate park

13th August 2013: Day 14

Our final day in the USA was spent in Denver. We started out by checking out the local skate park… wow! It’s was a bit of a dream of mine to do a road trip of American skate parks, so this is the first one and I hope to be able to do more some time… check out how big this thing is… and this is only half of it!

Skating Denver skatepark
Denver skatepark

After the skate park, we headed to the Contempory Art Museum. A small art gallery with modern art… even in the lift! Here I am testing out the Bubble Garden. 

Then after a little bit of shopping on 16th Street Mall, we headed back to City o City for dinner/lunch. This place is a vegetarian cafe and the food was amazing, mainly because it wasn’t covered in greace!

Then it was off the airport for our 9 hour flight back to the Heathrow. Tried to sleep, didn’t do so well, so slept on the train on the way back to Leicester. Was glad to be home and to see my ratties. But it’s a shame it’s over, it was a ball 🙂

Denver Contempary Art Museum

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