USA Roller Derby Road Trip – Day 2: Chicago

USA Roller Derby Road Trip – Day 2: Chicago

1 August 2013: Day 2: Chicago

Our hostel room is amazing… The beds are majorly comfy, much needed after staying up a whole 24hrs.

Today’s adventure began with a skate down to the lake front to get an awesome view of the city n to have peek into the aquarium en-route. Such a great way to see the city, the pavements here are much less bumpy than at home!

As we neared the end of our skate we stopped off for a snow cone and Giraffle had a nice sip…

We then lost the skates so we could go get our Lollapalooza wrist bands!!!! Eeek, exciting!

Next up, we headed to a cool part of town to check out the vintage shops, then walked for what seemed miles along Lincoln Park to the zoo, so Giraffle could see his friends, but it was shut… Boooo… But we did see lots of rabbits n squirrels and a big lion that Giraffle made friends with…

Back at the hostel we faffed about so long that by the time we went out for dinner everything was shut, it was only 10pm! What crazy city is this? Where do these people eat? Do they only eat in the afternoons? Thankfully a bar serving pizzas was still open… Had to take most home in doggy bag Though coz of crazy amount of cheese. That’s tomorrow’s lunch sorted then.

Feels like we walked/skated the entire city today, lets hope we can chill at Lolla tomorrow 🙂 can’t wait!

Grant Park, Chicago
Grant Park, Chicago
Skating Chicago
Giraffle cools off
Giraffle at Lincoln Park Zoo

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