2nd August 2013

Today is Lolla day! This festival is very different from the kind I usually go to… Firstly everyone is really well behaved, hardly anyone looks drunk and they’re really polite! (Well most are) the sun is out in blistering force when we start the day by watching Emeli Sande, again not the normal act I would watch, but that girl can really sing!

Emili Sande at Lollapolooza
Giraffle at Lolla

Next up was Deap Vally, a duo of girls who looked a bit like Juliette Lewis on vocals & guitar and Susan Sarendon on drums and sounding like L7 crossed with the White Stripes having a jam in dodgy pub. Just as they finished, the sky’s opened and a flash shower was well welcome to cool everyone off.

We retreated to our hostel (one block away) for left over pizza and Reeces peanut butter cups (nom). Then Gab headed to the Art Institute to see some Victorian dresses, while I checked out the Millenium Gardens and the amazing bean…

Our reflection in the Bean
The Bean in Chicago

I watched a bit of Band of Horses, but was slightly put off by the singers dodgy teeth (although still a fan of the Pogues). So went me met Gab to go see Queens of the Stone Age, who didn't fail to impress. Got chatting to more people in the crowd… Yes people just talk to you, far too friendly here ;-D

Queens of the Stone Age
Queens of the Stone Age

Giraffle enjoyed Queens too, but couldn’t wait to see Nine Inch Nails. We got ourselves a Strawb-a-rita and a Lime-a-rita in a can… No plastic cups here, cans only, or little mini milk cartons for water… Which you can refill at little stations where they fill it for you, no muddy puddles to navigate or massive ques! 

So NIN… Flippin amazing! Hypnotic, so much so that when we retreated to sit down, I could easily have fallen asleep right there. They do an awesome show of lights and shadows, mostly all in black and white.

Feet have now swollen to double the size from standing up all day, well that’s how they feel anyway!

Nine Inch Nails
Watching Nine Inch Nails

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