USA ROLLER DERBY ROAD TRIP – DAY 7: Badlands & Sturgis

USA ROLLER DERBY ROAD TRIP – DAY 7: Badlands & Sturgis

6th August 2013: Day 7

Today we drove through Badlands!!! Totally beautiful, breath-taking and exciting… Chatted to lots of bikers, mainly because that was mostly the only other traffic… Close to Sturgis then!

Gab at Badlands
Posing at Badlands

We drove through the twisty windy roads, windows open, wind in our hair until we were back on the interstate and on to a little town called Wall where bike lined the street… And me n Gab were tourists having our pics taken with Indian sculptures…

Wall, South Dakota
Gab at Wall, South Dakota
Me at Wall, South Dakota

Finally we made it to Rapid City airport where we hitched a lift with Danger Girls mum Sandy. She drove us the back way (dirt track road through mountains)… And a deer leaped over the road in front of the car! Finally we arrived a Buffalo Chip camp ground for Rolling Sturgis!!!!

Sturgis at Buffalo Chip

We dragged our cases to the track, got our kit on as our names were being called for the skate out! Talk about timing!!! Me on team black and Gab on team white. As we were skating round, I heard a familiar squeaky voice… Yep Noushy and JJ had arrived! cheering us on for the sidelines. What an amazing start… But it didnt end there… I got Most Valuable Jammer!!! whoophooo!

Rolling Sturgis track

So after finding our campsite, we headed down to the concert… Some Country singer, but we were all so shattered we wandered about gormlessly and the started to head back to site. But stopped off at Bikini Beach (basically a pond). Two guys started chatting to us coz of our accents (this happens a lot) and they bought us drinks, so we chatted to them (Keith & Small Chunks) Chunks told us a disturbing story about how he got his name and we went away a little scarred (ha ha) but they said they come watch us play tomorrow.

Back at camp me n Gab slept in a Winebeigo, so comfy… And much needed!

Best jammer award
Derby girls watching bands at Sturgis
Watching a band at Sturgis

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