NEW YEAR IN LA 2015 – DAY 7: Etnies Skatepark!

NEW YEAR IN LA 2015 – DAY 7: Etnies Skatepark!

1st Jan 2015

Got up early and drove to Long Beach to meet up with my new friends Mel (Brewski Banner) and Teri (Uni Mommer) and her two kids to travel over to the Etnies Skatepark!!! This place is EPIC!

The park had loads of bowls, a street section and lots of waves and parts with coping, basically the perfect park! I practiced my skateboarding, managed to drop in again after all these years and was still able to do my little jump.

Click here if you would like to see my first attempt at quads in a skatepark!

Etnies Skatepark, California
Etnies Skatepark, California
Hanging out with Ozzie
Mommer & Brews
Me on my skateboard - first time in years!
Doing a melon

Then it was time to try out my roller skates… never skated anything but the flat in these, so was pleased to find that I was able to skate fairly well over the curves of the park… even skated in the bowl! 

Mommer in the bowl
Brews in the Bowl
Skating Etnies skatepark
Skating Etnies skatepark
Skating Etnies skatepark
Photobombing Mommer & Ozzie

So exhausted after a day at the park! I had a few tumbles too, so had bruises on each thigh and hurt my shoulder too, so spent the evening with ice all over the place! Thankfully before we headed home we stopped off for food at Jack and the Box… my new favourite fast food joint! Soda bread filled with spice stuff including jalapeños!

Jack in the Box burger & fries

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