10th August 2013: Day 11

Woke up in the Winebeigo, to see how much devastation there was. Last night the bleachers were blown across the track and into the portaloos, the Derby shop was blown over and all their stock was soaked through, plus the track gazebo that was drilled into the Tarmac was ripped off and the metal legs snapped in half! But as ever we all just got on with the day and had our morning training session with Quadzilla. Nine of us made it to the last session where we learnt balancing skills, which included skating backwards on one foot (you have to know that the track is on a gradient, so downhill was interesting!). We also learn to do 360spins and toe stop runs through tiny gaps. I think we did alright. We have a little video of us all spinning at the same time, I will upload when I get home.

Quadzillas class

We then had a bit of a shop in poor ol’ Dee Moralisers shop, as all her stock was damaged, so she had a sale.

Me & Gab then headed back to Derby City to dry out our stuff. All of my clothes were hung up on the gazebo, only took a few hours to get them dry, then we just hung out back at the track… Doing interesting Finnish dancing!

Drying out clothes after the storm
Hanging out at the end of Rolling Sturgis

Me, Gab & Tigre went up to the concert arena on the quad bike, which is always fun. Lots of people have left, so it’s kind of sparce. We checked out the stalls and had a shower before crushing back to the track for a BBQ with everyone. I got my little skateboard out and me n Quad tried to get some tricks out of it.. Not so easy as its so bendy!

BBQ was ace, as we were using up all the left over food, so there was plenty to go around. Then people started arriving to watch the bout, so we had to stop the chilling and get kitted up.

Last scrimmage
Last scrimmage
Ouchy arm

We played without referees as everyone wanted to play! So with just a jam timer we hit the track in a crazy style!

Was fun, but we were all exhausted… The Angus fell n hurt his hip and got the biggest blackest bruise. We continued playing and a couple if jams into the second half I was jamming, I had lead and only had to get past Quadzilla to get all the points… He hit me on the corner and I span out, falling full force onto my hand with my arm locked! Ouch! I was down and in pain, the game was called off (I think people were relieved). But my elbow really hurt from the impact of the fall, so we filled a helmet with ice so I could sit with my elbow in it!

We all got ourselves ready and hit the concert arena… Me sporting a Harley Davidson sling. We were hoping to see Aleb Ant Farm, but I think they must have pulled out as we only saw Filter… But strange singer dude, spouting off all sorts of weird spiel. Anyway it started to rain, so we took shelter in one if the rooftop bars and the went to watch Living Dead, a cool rockabilly band with a super cool lady on double bass.

Then it was all over, just headed back to the track n watched the lightening storm with Foul Bundy & Gab before bed.

It’s been a real roller coaster of a trip so far and it’s still not over 🙂

Living Dead

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