3rd August 2013: Day 4

This morning we shared breakfast with Daniel the Mexican NIN fan. He was very excited to have seen them last night and delighted on telling me that he was first through the gates in the morning. 

Today is the chilled day, so we went to Belmont and discovered a load if alternative shops, including The Alley, a massive shop selling all genres of rock stuff… And they had a sale on! So I got an awesome leopard print skirt & a Tiger Army t-shirt for only £20! We then headed to the skate shop we had been to the other day and I continued the leopard print thene by buying the leopard print Globe skateboard that I’d fallen in love with! (Thanks to mum & dad for the birthday money) 

So gleaming from ear to ear we headed off, me like a child sprinting ahead on my new board with Gab jogging…

My new Globe skateboard

Heartless Bastards
Heartless Bastards

It was then time for more music and a lot of sunbathing, just taking in the sounds. The best band being Heartless Bastards, female fronted rock band. Watching them sitting in a little glade, felt very much like being at Glastonbury.

The sun was then on its way down and we decided to check out the Millennium Park again, even though Gab was seemingly feeling the throws of jet lag and being a bit ditzy (yes even more than me!)

Millennium Park hosts lots of art instalments, including two huge blocks that have faces projected on them, which now and thin spit out water, much to the excitement of all the kiddies running around in it! Then there is the famous Bean, a huge mirrored bean shaped sculpture that you can walk under, everyone taking photos of their reflections (us included of course)…the reflection of the city in it was perfect. 

Gab suggested me that we should have a proper hot dog American styleee, with all the trimmings. Was nice to sit and eat it with the Bean as a back drop.

Millenium park, Chicago
American Hotdog
American Hotdog

We headed in separate ways… Gab being too rock n roll that she wanted to avoid Mumford & Sons by doing her washing. So I headed in alone. I thought they were great, the Americans love them, so the atmosphere was electric, especially  with the fireworks going off and everyone singing along and jigging around happily. A really good ending to the night 🙂

Lollapalooza Balloon
Mumford & Sons

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